Our Mission

PhishCloud's mission is to create cybersecurity solutions that involve people. We believe that people are an integral part of the security ecosystem and recognize the incredible value they can provide when given access to the right tools.

Currently, there are three primary tactics used in defending against phishing. Gateways (email and network) are critical to stopping as many phishing attempts as possible from reaching the end-user. Regular security training is also necessary as users can be easily tricked by new phishing techniques, and DMARC technology helps prevent impersonation. All of these technologies have made huge strides in defending against phishing. But phishing is no longer just an email problem... Corporate and personal email, chat clients and social media are all commonly being targeted. Phishing via chat is being used for lateral movement within organizations and will continue to evolve as we develop new forms of communication.

The challenge is not simply how to stop phishing from ever reaching people, the challenge is addressing what happens after phishing has reached someone. Most people today are asked to detect phishing attacks after semi-annual training and using instincts. Without tools, people (employees) have been asked to "guess" and then forward suspect messages to IT or security teams for review with little follow-up. The process has created a huge issue for many organizations, of every size, and it is taking their IT and security teams valuable time to manage. With the severe shortage of security professionals today this will not scale.

PhishCloud has created a patented end-point solution that engages employees, allowing companies to build a strong security culture, and provide tools for people to identify phishing attempts across many mediums. The PhishCloud management portal provides real-time visibility and easy reporting of phishing metrics to reduce stressed and overworked IT teams. Additional training and policy-based enforcement can then be applied via the endpoint agent in real-time to protect those that need it most.

We are excited to bring new features to market that help our customers and the people that work for them be better protected while saving them valuable time.

Join us in creating a safer online world, try it today!

A Note to the Phishing Community:

We recognize that we stand on the shoulders of giants. We must give a shout out to the amazing phishing awareness and simulation companies that have made huge strides in educating people about phishing, the gateway and email protection companies that detect and prevent millions for attacks every day, and the many people that have done so much in the cyber security community. Many thanks and keep up the great work!