PhishCloud STANDARD!

Now you can offer the most comprehensive, cloud-based, AI-powered phishing protection available, built for People.

Product Features

Always ON

Our US-based, AWS cloud infrastructure is built to scale quickly and is always on and always learning with AI technology designed to automatically protect customers from threats seen around the globe.

Easy to Implement

Designed for any size customer, PhishCloud employs a light-weight agent that protects the employee wherever they go. PhishCloud’s deployment is flexible, supporting AD and SSO integrations.

Broad Technology Support

PhishCloud supports the broad array of digital platforms and applications, including email, web browsers, search engines, social media applications and coporate messaging applications. And additional platforms and applications are coming soon!

Built for Security & Privacy

PhishCloud is built with security and compliance in mind: anonymized data for privacy, encrypted data for security, multi-factor authentication integration, and GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA regulatory compliance. PhishCloud does not collect or store ANY personal or proprietary data.

Employee & IT Threat Visibility

PhishCloud delivers employee visibility as simple as a traffic light so they can make the right decisions when clicking on links or applications. IT and Security admins gain complete visibility into the suspicious or malicious activity that employees see, allowing automatic blocking of malicious content, warn employees in real-time, and investigate malicious activity with proactive threat attribution and contextual event data.

Deliver Reality-based Training

Now you can deliver real-time, reality-based training, as malicious content is seen, so that training is ongoing and impactful, making your employees part of your security architecture, not your weakest link.

Integrates with Existing IT Systems

PhishCloud integrates with your existing security and workflow tools and platforms, including multiple SIEM platforms, so that it seamless integrates into your existing workflows.

Be Part of a Growing Global Community

PhishCloud enjoys partnerships that allows us and our partners to leverage the best data available, enabling us to deliver proactive intelligence and a global architecture that leverages machine learning weighted for accuracy and speed, producing new insights that protect your business.

PhishCloud Customer Datasheet

End User Visibility

Not only can end users see threats in real time, but they also have access to their own dashboard to see how they are doing in their role of helping protect the company from cyber threats. An informed employee becomes part of your security architecture, not your weakest link!

IT & Security Visibility

IT and Security administrators now have full visibility into the threats that their users are seeing so that they can take action on the most critical events, automatically block malicious content, and notify their users when action have or need to be taken to prevent risk to company data and assets.

Designed with MSP’s in Mind

PhishCloud’s multi-tenant capability is designed for MSP’s to be able to monitor and managed all of their customers, responding to threats as they happen, and reducing the risk of phishing attacks across your entire customer base.

Phishcloud covers 98% of your Endpoints

How does PhishCloud work?

  • Data Aggregation and Protection
  • Proactive Defense Network
  • Real-time End User Engagement
  • Real-time Decision Making
  • Real-time API and Collaboration
Data Aggregation and Protection
Proactive Defense Network
Real-time End User Engagement
Real-time Decision Making
Real-time API and Collaboration