Why You Need PhishCloud

Phishing is the #1 threat for companies today. While most companies are focused on email only, cyber criminals are using a wide array of digital attack vectors to gain access to corporate data, systems and bank accounts.

#1 Threat: PHISHING!


of primary attack vector in incidents


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Average cost of breach


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Phishing attacks in Q1 of 2021

3 Reasons For Robust Protection


50 million bad emails get through every day.

5 to 15 percent are opened/clicked 4000 ransomware attacks per day in the U.S.

75 times as many phishing sites as malware sites.

Social Media is 23.6% of all attacks, up 11.8%. 40 billion “spam” pages detected daily. Top talent under 40 are using multiple social apps.

97% of users are unable to recognize a phishing email.

20% of all employees will click on phishing links. 67.5% go on to enter credentials or other data. Only 10% of companies spend more than 3 hours in training.

Why you need PhishCloud

Mind The Gap
If you are only protecting against email phishing, you have a gap in your security architecture.
People are Going to Click
20% of employees are going to click on phishing links, and 68% go on to enter credentials and other data.
IT Has Limited/NO Visibility
When your users see or click on malicious links, your IT and Security teams have no visibility and therefore cannot react in time to protect your organization.
Save IT Firefighting Time
Only 3% of users report phishing attacks, and when they do, IT spends time chasing false positives with little data to go on.
Users Are NO Longer Your Weakest Link
With proper training, your users become part of your security architecture, not it’s weakest link.